Final Paper Preparation and Submission Instructions

Important: Register for the Conference

To be published in the IWQoS 2015 Conference Proceedings (as well as the ACM Portal and IEEE Xplore), an author of an accepted full or short paper is required to register for IWQoS at the full (member or non-member) rate and must present the paper at the conference. Registrations that accompany papers to appear in the Proceedings of IWQoS 2015 must be submitted online on or before April 27, 2015. Papers without full (non-student) registrations after April 27, 2015 may be withdrawn from the conference Proceedings. Each full registration may only cover two research (full or short) papers.

1: Formatting Instructions
Please format your final paper as a PDF file in the IEEE conference proceedings 8.5"x11" two-column format (same as the submission format). Full papers can be up to 10 pages in 10pt fonts, short papers can be up to 6 pages in 10pt fonts, and poster papers can be up to 2 pages in 10pt fonts. Please follow the formatting instructions and templates from IEEE. Be sure to use the template's conference mode.

2: Important Deadlines
PAPER DEADLINE: Final paper is due by Apr 27nd, 2015. Detailed guidelines for uploading will be available shortly. COPYRIGHT DEADLINE: A signed copyright release form is also due by Apr 27, 2015.

3: PDF eXpress Plus Online File Conversion/PDF Validation Tool
Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases. For IEEE, all papers submitted for publication must meet the IEEE standards. Access to PDF eXpress Plus, the IEEE's online file conversion/PDF validation tool, will assist authors in preparing suitable electronic files of their final papers. PDF eXpress Plus helps authors convert their papers into IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF files (conversion function) or to check their own PDF files for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF validation function).

a) PDF eXpress Plus is available for format checking. Go to and follow the instructions.

Conference ID: 35647X

Authors Instructions with Copyright Code
Authors Instructions for PDF eXpress

b) The checked PDF file could be uploaded to EDAS (which is open now).

4. Submitting a Copyright Release Form
All authors have to submit the copyright of their papers to IEEE in order to have their papers included in the IWQoS program and conference proceedings. The authors must obtain all clearances related to the publication. You can download the copyright form from the IEEE Copyright Form web page. This copyright release form MUST be COMPLETED when you are submitting your paper. Please note that you are stating that the material in your paper is original and you have not previously released copyright for this paper to another party. We cannot publish your paper without this properly completed form.

IEEE copyright form could be uploaded through EDAS.